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Mysql & PhpMyAdmin

Mysql & PhpMyAdmin

MySQL and PhpMyAdmin

Mysql is a database management system, and PhpMyAdmin is a web-based tool used to manage and interact with the MySQL database.

MySQL is an open source database, and PhpMyAdmin is an open source tool written in PHP. MySQL is used to store data, and PhpMyAdmin is used to interact with that data.

MySQL is a backend database, while PhpMyAdmin is a frontend interface. MySQL is used to store large amounts of data, while PhpMyAdmin is used to manipulate, manage and work with the database.

10 cool things you can do with mysql and phpmyadmin:

  1. Create a database and add tables.
  2. Add, edit, and delete records from the database.
  3. Create custom queries to filter and sort data.
  4. Import and export data from databases.
  5. Use views to create virtual tables from existing tables.
  6. Create triggers to automatically execute tasks.
  7. Check and repair tables.
  8. Create and manage user accounts.
  9. Use stored procedures to automate tasks.
  10. Create and manage indexes.