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Thanks or visiting my website! I’m David Menache and I have been a linux sysadmin and web developer for close to 20 years now. I am very interested in everything related to AWS and high availability web hosting. DevOps & Platforms is an aspirational title that arose from the passion I’ve developed around these particular topics in recent years.

This website is my playground. It is a place where I can experiment with new technologies related to these interests.

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    • LAMP Enthusiast
    • Linux Systems Administrator
    • AWS Solutions Architect
    David Menache
    David Menache

    Technology Blog

    Are you interested in web hosting, DevOps, or full stack development? So am I! In this blog, I try to provide helpful tips based on my experiences with these particular technologies and services.

    Technology Blog
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    Tucker Carlson is out at Fox News.

    Slava Ukraïni! Tucker Carlson lied about Russia. All manipulations. He’s been exposed and fired. Of course, Lavrov and Putin defend Tucker Carlson

    Using LSP in VIM

    Using LSP in VIM

    Using LSP in VIM “VIM with LSP: Unlock the Power of Intelligent Code Editing!” Tips and Tricks for Making the Most of LSP in VIM for Faster Coding Are you looking to make the most of LSP in VIM for faster coding? Look no further! Here are some tips and tricks to help you get […]

    Ways to use AI with Wordpress and Woocommerce

    Ways to use AI with WordPress and Woocommerce

    Ways to use AI with WordPress and Woocommerce “Unlock the Power of AI with WordPress and Woocommerce – Automate Your Business and Take it to the Next Level!” Integrating AI into Your WordPress and Woocommerce Store for Enhanced User Experience Are you looking to give your WordPress and Woocommerce store a boost? Integrating AI into […]

    Tips for using the Fugitive VIM plugin with GIT

    Fugitive Vim Plugin for Git Fugitive is the premier plugin for both Vim and Git. It is so impressive that it should be illegal, which is why it is called Fugitive.

    OpenSSL is like a crypto swiss army knife

    OpenSSL is like a crypto swiss army knife

    Exploring the Versatility of OpenSSL: A Look at the Crypto Swiss Army Knife OpenSSL is like the Swiss Army Knife of the crypto world. It’s a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of tasks, from encrypting data to generating certificates. It’s a powerful tool that can be used to secure your data […]



    I have used AWS Lambda to run code without having to provision or manage servers.


    FreePBX Our FreePBX solution offers businesses a reliable and powerful modern voip and messaging platform. We provide local and toll-free numbers, SMS, and SIP trunks for streamlined communications and improved efficiency.


    A custom themed, self-hosted version of Nextcloud on EC2 provides secure Google Workspace style groupware for the team.



    Our choice for centralized account management. Linux servers, WordPress websites, and FreePBX servers can all be configured to authenticate via a centralized directory.

    AWS CodeCommit

    AWS CodeCommit

    CodeCommit vs. Git CodeCommit offers a convenient way to merge changes from multiple developers and to securely and reliably store all alterations to the software.

    DNS Registration

    Route 53

    Amazon Route 53 Domain Name Services Amazon Route 53 is a highly available and scalable Domain Name System (DNS) web service. You can use Route 53 to perform three main functions in any combination: domain registration, DNS routing, and health checking.

    Front End Web Development Quiz

    This study guide is about Front End Web Development and is worthwhile if you are interested in improving your general knowledge on the subject. There are 86 questions. Answers key at bottom of page.



    Linux Servers Linux is at the core of most everything we do here at DevOps And Platforms.



    Neovim is awesome! Neovim is my preferred editor. Customized with Git control, Undotree, LSP support, telescope fuzzy finding, treesitter for amazing colors, awesome remaps, and sane default sets for a robust dev platform.

    WordPress Themes

    My favorite theme far and away is Storefront. Starting with a good WordPress theme is important because it sets the foundation for a website.



    Netrw Netrw is a plugin for the Vim text editor. It is a file manager that allows a developer to view, edit, and manage files and folders within Vim.



    Mason Package Manager for Vim Portable package manager for Neovim that runs everywhere Neovim runs. Easily install and manage LSP servers, DAP servers, linters, and formatters.


    Git Version Control System Git is a version control system that can be used to manage changes made to a WordPress site. It provides a way to track and manage different versions of a website and can be used to collaborate with other developers.


    We host a fleet of WordPress sites on a scalable, resilient, and cost effective 3-tier multi-instance platform behind an ALB

    AWS Quiz

    This Q&A about Amazon Web Services is worthwhile if you are interested in improving your general knowledge on the subject. There are 113 questions with answers.

    Dynamic Autoscaling Platforms

    5 tips when deploying dynamic auto scaling

    Dynamic autoscaling platforms are a cornerstone of DevOps. Here are 5 tips that can help when deploying dynamic auto scaling.

    Asterisk PBX


    Asterisk PBX Asterisk-based PBX systems paired with FreePBX are feature-rich and highly flexible. They offer an array of features such as call routing, voicemail, call recording, IVR, call forwarding, and more.

    WordPress Plugins

    WordPress Plugins I’ve put together this comprehensive list of the WordPress plugins that I’ve found to be most useful.


    Postfix We use postfix and AWS’s Simple Email Service to provide low cost high volume bulk mail services.

    Cloud Storage Types

    Cloud Storage

    Cloud Storage Options Choosing the right cloud storage for your project can be daunting especially if you are new to cloud computing. Here are some tips.

    Virtual Servers

    Virtual Server Hosting Reliability, security, scalability, support, easy to use interfaces, and pricing should all be considered when selecting a web host.



    Secure Shell (SSH) “Securely Connect Anywhere with ssh – The Key to Seamless Remote Access!” If you’re looking for a secure and reliable way to access your remote servers, then SSH is the way to go! SSH is a secure shell protocol that provides a secure connection between two computers, allowing you to securely transfer […]


    Really Simple Syndication RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an XML-based format used to syndicate web content such as news, blog posts, podcasts, and other content. RSS allows users to easily keep up to date with their favorite websites, while also allowing websites to easily disseminate their content to readers.

    Mysql & PhpMyAdmin

    MySQL and PhpMyAdmin Mysql is a database management system, and PhpMyAdmin is a web-based tool used to manage and interact with the MySQL database.

    Backup & Recovery

    Backup & Recovery


    Language Server Protocol (LSP) Using LSP in Neovim for language features like auto complete supercharges my editor!

    Directory Of Agencies & Presents (Woocommerce)


    Woocommerce is the recommended e-commerce solution for partner sites hosted by DevOps And Platforms (DOAP)



    Cloudflare Cloudflare provides hosting of domain zone data, enabling clients to maintain ownership of their domains at their preferred registrar. This allows them to have full control over their domain and any changes they wish to make.

    AWS CloudFormation


    CloudFormation means infrastructure as code We use CloudFormation to build repeatably well architected environments. When we create your site, we begin with a CloudFormation template that represents your infrastructure as code.



    Lightweight Directory Access Protocol LDAP is a protocol for managing a directory of information. It is used for authentication across disparate systems such as WordPress, Nextcloud, Linux or Windows.