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Hi, I’m Dave…!

Thanks or visiting my website! I’m David Menache and I have been a linux sysadmin and web developer for close to 20 years now. I am very interested in everything related to AWS and high availability web hosting. DevOps & Platforms is an aspirational title that arose from the passion I’ve developed around these particular topics in recent years.

This website is my playground. It is a place where I can experiment with new technologies related to these interests.

My Resume
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    • Docker Enthusiast
    • Linux Systems Administrator
    • AWS Solutions Architect
    David Menache
    David Menache

    Work History

    These are a few of the more standout portions of my work history. This page is new and under construction as of Jul 14. I’ll be adding some more entries over the coming weeks. Thanks for visiting!

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    Casa de los cocos I run a small surf lodge called Casa de los cocos. nestled in a the sleepy Nicaraguan village called El Transito. Nestled under a field of palm trees, this beautiful house is a great place to cool off and relax with friends after a big day of surfing.

    World Transfers Inc.

    World Transfers Inc. I was the CTO for California startup World Transfers Inc., which specialized in money remittance services to Latin America. I was instrumental in integrating our internal systems with the banks Bancomer, Santander, and Banamex, thus allowing for real-time money transfers between them including implementing AML and KYC policies and practices.

    Promotory Communications

    Promotory Communications I got hired at the small startup Promotory Communications, located in Fremont, California right when they were getting started. I was employ number five and landed a job as their systems admin. This turned out to be a truly fascinating job. I learned so much working with such brilliant people.

    Menache's Bar, Berkeley CA

    Menache’s Bar & Grill

    Menache’s Bar & Grill My good friend Scott Keith and I knew each other from college and from living at the co-op at UC Berkeley. We decided to buy a little cheese steak shop with a liquor license off campus and open up a bar.